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In-Person Membership

In-Person Membership

Rolling Robots’ After-School Program is an in-person membership built around keeping children ages 5-15 engaged in robotics education after regular school hours end every weekday. There is a workshop 4pm-6pm, every Monday through Friday. Choose from a variety of topics suitable for your student's age and abilities and we'll provide them with quality after-school activities and a rotating lesson plan to make sure that they are constantly challenged and actively involved.

  • Junior Roboteers - Age 5 - 7 - No experience needed. Explore building and coding skills with robots.
  • Intro to Coding - Age 7 - 9 - No experience needed. Learn to code on a computer with robots and electronics.
  • Roboteers - Age 8 - 12 - No experience needed. Learn to build and code MicroBits, Lego, and VEX IQ robots.
  • Team Prep - Age 10 to 15 - For students who are preparing to join the robotics competition team. Learn to code to control the robots.
  • Advanced Coders - Age 11 to 15 - For students who are excited about coding projects. Learn to code in the Advanced Scratch program and Python.

Palos Verdes Schedule: 

Monday 2-4pm: Junior Roboteers

Monday  4-6pm: Junior Roboteers

Tuesday 4-6pm: Intro to Coding

Wednesday 4-6pm: Roboteers

Thursday 4-6pm: Team Prep

Friday 4-6pm: Advanced Coders (Game Design)

Friday 4-6pm: Roboteers

West LA Schedule: 

Monday 4-6pm: Junior Roboteers

Monday 4-6pm: Roboteers

Tuesdays 4-6pm: Team Prep

Wednesday 4-6pm: Roboteers

Thursday 4-6pm: Intro to Coding

Thursday 4-6pm: Advanced Coders

Glendale Schedule: 

Monday 4-6pm: Jr. Roboteers

Tuesday 4-6pm: Team Prep (VEX IQ)

Wednesday 4-6pm: Roboteers

Wednesday 4-6pm : Advanced Coders

Thursday 4-6pm: Intro to Coding

Thursday 4-6pm: Roboteers

Friday 1-3pm: Intro to Coding

Friday 4-6pm: Team Prep (VEX V5)

Saturday 3:30-5:30pm: Jr. Roboteers 


For the exact After-School schedule of each location please refer to our calendar.