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A person on team 7700K

I am currently in VEX team 7700K at rolling robots. I used to do VEX IQ until this year. I like playing basketball, burning things, and making random things. 


I built a drone with old motors and some old drone parts. I started working on making this a few months ago when my drone's charger got chewed up by my cat. I dismantled the whole drone and put it back together with a different body made out of acrylic. I cut it using an x-carve, but it kind of stalled. I eventually got the drone body cut out and I put all of the electronics back on. It still needs some weight management, but it can still hover a few inches above the ground.

I made this project because I had some extra epoxy resin left over after I made a few Christmas trees. I covered a waxed tea cap with hot glue, and I made sure there weren't any holes. Next, I poured a little bit of epoxy into it to make a layer. I then put a cutout of a painted koi. I covered it with epoxy again, and I repeated the same steps until the mold was full. I waited until it was dried, and I polished it off with toothpaste. Later, I used a micromesh sanding kit to polish it.

This project is made from arduino. This is a robot claw that I made with servos and foam core. The arm is controlled by a controller, and the claw is controlled by a switch. There are a total of 3 servos used in this project. I used a 3D printed case to hold the arduino.