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Sarah A


I can design things in CAD and I also enjoy reading. 

This is a picture of team 7700P's robot from Rolling Robots. I'm on the team and the robot is currently putting a ball in a tower. 

This is the Rolling Robots logo.

Submission to the California Invention Convention 2021 

Watch the Video

This is an automatic turtle feeder that'll feed my turtle every morning. It will need to have a timer connected to a motor which will only spin 90 degrees every day. It'll probably need to be connected to a battery pack. The motor will be connected to a red cross that will spin in a cup. Another cup will fit on top of the first cup that the spinner is in. Turtle food will but put in the top cup and there will be a hole in the top cup, dropping food into one of the four sections of the cross. The section will fill up with food and I'll probably add a button to manually control the dispensing. When I press that button, the cross will turn 90 degrees and the food in one section of the cross will fall out a hole in the bottom of the bottom cup. There will most likely be a ramp that the food will slide down straight into the turtle tank. I don't know why I'm doing this. I could probably buy an automatic turtle feeder at PetSmart for 10 bucks and not waste all this effort. 

This is a picture of it without the spinner inside of it.