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World-Class Teams Win 3 Awards at 2021 VEXWorlds

It’s an unforgettable year! 


Not only Rolling Robots VEX Teams survived a pandemic year, but every single team made it to the 2021 VEX Robotics Live Remote World Championships from May 17th to the 29th. We could not be more proud that all 13 Rolling Robots teams including VEX AI team made it to the World Champions. The high school VEX AI team is heading to Texas for the VEX AI Competition Championship on June 25, 2021.


There are two different levels for VEX Robotics teams to compete in and they are based on a student’s age. VRC teams are composed of middle and high school age students while VIQC teams are composed of elementary schoolers. Our teams are among the 1400 teams that participated in the VEX Worlds this year. VRC Teams are middle school - 7700A, 7700B, 7700C, 7700E, 7700K, 7700P, 7700Y and high school - 7700Z.  VIQC Teams are elementary school - 7700G, 7700H, 7700P, and 7700V.  


And our special congratulation goes to the following teams:



VRC Team 7700Y won the Create Award at VEX Worlds! The Create Award is presented to the team whose robot design incorporates a creative engineering solution to the design challenges of the season’s game. To win this award VRC Team 7700Y had to demonstrate four key criteria. The criteria that 7700Y team had to meet were: the robot has a well-crafted, unique design solution, which demonstrates creative thinking, the team has demonstrated a highly creative design process and methodology, the team has committed to ambitious and creative approaches to solving the game challenge, and students understand and explain how they worked together to develop their robot. Congratulations to Sean M, Kieran, Clark, Abbey, and Harrison!




VRC Team 7700Z has qualified to be a Semi-Finalist in their division. They were signed up for the live remote competition at the last minute after practicing skills only through the entire season. However, Team 7700Z jumped into the action with limited time.  They performed so well that they finished as Semi-Finalists in the VEX Worlds 2021. A huge congratulations to Zoe, Justin, and Nolan!



Photo of VIQC Team 7700V


VIQC Team 7700V is the winner of the Build Award at VEX Worlds 2021! They had to meet multiple requirements to win this award. The requirements are:

1) The robot's construction is of high quality, robust, clean, has an effective use of materials.

2) The robot efficiently uses mechanical and electronic components.

3) The robot is designed with a clear dedication to safety and attention to detail.

4) The robot demonstrates reliability on the field and holds up under competition conditions.

5) Students understand and explain how they worked together to develop their robot.


VIQC Team 7700V, which is also the Excellence Award winner at the California State Championship, did a great job at the VEX Worlds judges’ interview to present their robot design. They also score high at the remote skill challenges at the VEX Worlds.




VIQC Team 7700G is one of the winners of the VEX IQ Challenge STEM Research Project. The goal of the project is to have students learn about the relationship between the STEM fields of science and be able to demonstrate how it has practical applications in the real world, specifically in their lives. Team 7700G’s project was about technology and focused on sensors titled “How can scientists use sensors to help with COVID-19”. They are the first team at Rolling Robots qualified for the World Championship this year.  Congratulations to Brennan, Camille, Leyton, and Max!


Both mentors and team members have faced a new challenge this season and have come out on top. Between navigating a new type of online learning and teaching, each new yearly challenge that VEX Robotics throws at the teams has its own set of learning curves. With many obstacles can come high rewards. The teams have gained new experiences that they will be able to build upon in the future as many of these things are challenges they would have never had to face under past expectations.


We are excited to start the new 2021 - 2022 VEX (VRC) and VEX IQ (VIQC) season and work with our teams to reach new heights!