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Colin A

Out of California

and he is a robot genius

The Game

Change Up is the 2020 - 2021 Vex Challenge in which students compete to score more points. Colin and the team he is were able to construct and code a robot to fit the limitations and score points.

Pictured here

This is the CAD of the robot they were able to make. It was varied a bit to fit the real-life situation.

The Field

Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vex Challenge had to be moved online. As such the field setup changed to fit the now standard skills setup.

Pictured here

This is the setup of the skills challenge of Change-Up. The boxes stacked on top of each other represent the placing of balls in the given goal.

The Code

Pictured here

This is a screenshot of one of our driving functions that include a P controller. A P function is a more accurate version of a drive function. It calculates the distance it has to go and how to get there. It then starts off by going fast but slows down as it gets closer to the target. This is to prevent overshooting by going too fast and not being able to stop in time