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Nolan Cheng

STEM, coding, and gaming

My name is Nolan Cheng. I am a 14-year-old aspiring engineer. For years I have been interested in all subjects related to STEM as well as programming. I have taken multiple classes relating to many different coding languages, mechanical engineering, and the design process. I have been a part of two VEX robotics teams, both from Rolling Robots, as well as a team dedicated to inventing new and unique ways to solve today's problems.

I am in the process of learning Python and intend to make a few games using certain libraries within python, as well as tools that will help me perform tasks online.

Above is an example of a replication of the game Snake I hope to complete soon.

Scratch is a basic, but fun and useful way to create code fast.

My most recent project in scratch (shown above) is a machine learning script that will attempt to pathfind towards a target using probability. Here's the project if you want to check it out: